Governor Ricardo Rosselló to preside Council of State Governments in 2019 Rosselló will preside over the same organization as his father when he was Governor


WASHINGTON – The Council of State Governments (CSG), a non-profit that represents over 1,300 legislators from all over the United States, voted unanimously to elect Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló as its next national president in 2019.

The Governor will begin his tenure this coming January and will be in charge of outlining and implementing the organization’s agenda. The 2019 convention will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in December.

The Council recently created a Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Committee to discuss matters pertaining the territories, including political status and economic development.

“The Council of State Governments is an important platform where we can establish relationships to continue to promote the interests of the people of Puerto Rico,” said Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

The CSG, based in Kentucky, was founded in 1933 with the intent to advance “excellence in state governments to advance the common good.”

The Governor’s father, Pedro Rosselló González, also presided the Council when was Governor of Puerto Rico. This is the first time in the organization’s history in which father and son will both have served as presidents.

Puerto Rican Senator Carmelo Ríos, who is a member of CSG’s Executive Committee, championed Rosselló Nevares’ candidacy.

“I am grateful for our Governor’s support,” he said, “the moment I told him about this opportunity, he decided to run and support the organization’s goals. Today we are proud to have him as our next President as well as San Juan as the location of our next national convention.”

The Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), Carlos Mercader, said he is enthusiastic about the Governor’s role as President of the CSG and emphasized the importance of advancing Puerto Rico’s interests within such a powerful organization.

“We will collaborate with the Council of State Governments to establish strategic alliances that will have a positive impact in Puerto Rico,” said Mr. Mercader.

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